Three People, Three Perspectives, One Provider

Psalm 68:10, “O God, out of Your goodness You have provided for Your needy people.”
I crossed paths with three people this week who were all of a low-income level, and yet all had a place to sleep and a car to drive. Furthermore, all three persons were Christians, followers of Christ, but their perspectives on God’s provision were all quite different.
Person A. This individual spoke often of what they should have, but did not have, and yet the things this person did have, they overlooked and disregarded. There was no recognition of God’s provisions.
Person B. This individual believed they needed more, and made unwise decisions to acquire more, and yet God still patiently and graciously constantly provided for their needs. This person did recognize God, but primarily as the One to whom anxious petitions were made.
Person C. This individual had many needs—financial and physical—and they acknowledged that God met their needs. They verbally praised God for His provisions.
What difference did it make in their lives? Person A is often upset at the lack of things they don’t have that they want, Person B is often anxious about God providing again, and Person C maintains a joy and peace that God gets the glory for.
Two questions come to mind: 1) Which Person would you like to be? and, 2) Which Person would others describe you as?
Philippians 4:19, “And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”
Pastor Mike
“between Sundays”