Our Leadership


Open Position – click for details: 2022 Pastor Announcement


Ed Hultz
Paul Mattson
Lee Fox
Scott Hollingsworth
Martin Corder
Timothy Simonsen, Chairman



Illis Casteel, Secretary

Mark Clayton

Ken Baker
Roger Christianson
Lee Tuneburg
Deacons serve at FBC Ashland to administer functions delegated by the Elders. The Deacons shall assist the Pastor and Elders in responsibility for the spiritual welfare of the church.
We believe the bible teaches that a church should be led by a plurality of Elders. Therefore, our Elders share equal authority and decision making at FBC Ashland. The responsibilities of Elder oversight are divided among the Elders based on gifting. To learn more about elder leadership, tune into Part 1 and 2 of our teachings called “Elders.”