His Will for You

Not long ago, I watched a cartoon movie with a robotic character whose theme adage was, “See a need. Fill a need.” It’s a good maxim, but for some reason we are more inclined to like the phrase “See a need. Find someone else to fill it.”
It’s not hard to compile reasons we prefer the latter; we are too busy, someone else may do it better, or perhaps it could just make us tired. Today I had a repeat conversation with a man down on his luck and in need of money, but who also informs me that he won’t work because it’s hard and it makes him tired—I let him in on a secret; work makes me tired too. Of course, this young man also told me that he is God’s spokesman, even though he really doesn’t believe much about God—but that’s another discussion.
So, back to the topic; What is your reason you don’t step in where you see a need? For me, sometimes it’s just that it would interfere with my present plans. Perhaps however, God has different plans. This is something God reminds me of often. Perhaps He reminds you of the same.
This Sunday we are going to get more of those reminders as we look at James 4:13-17. God has a plan, and His plan will be accomplished. As Mark Twain coined, in The Prince and the Pauper, “What God will, will happen, you cannot hurry it, you cannot alter it…” James will remind us that we need to keep this in the forefront of our minds and thoughts all the time.
I look forward to seeing you Sunday… if God wills.
-Pastor Mike “between Sundays”