consumed with self

Yesterday I was on the phone with a seasoned Baptist pastor who is disappointed with his “people’s devotion to autonomy, rights and self-rule,” and the “rebellion” in their hearts.
The idea of autonomy in a Baptist church began as a good thing, where the local church could make teaching and polity decisions for themselves. However, like so many other things, we humans do not tend to do balance well, so we head for the extremes.
Just like that seasoned pastor, I have witnessed the same tendencies through the years, where we don’t stop at just a balanced idea of an autonomous church, we want full authority for ourselves personally in all areas. We don’t want to answer to anyone. We get more hung up on attaining our comforts than in meeting the needs of others (Galatians 5:24). We get more hung up on our entitlements and rights than in serving and caring for others (Mark 10:45). We get more hung up with ourselves than in being a true disciple of Christ ready to die to self (Luke 9:23).
This week’s readings pertain to consistency, and we could ask ourselves; How consistent does my faith and lifestyle look if I say I imitate Christ who cared for others, when I am actually consumed with self?
“between Sundays”
Pastor Mike Fast